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Our legendary history of creation takes its roots from a local information public page created at the time we were youngsters, where motorsports competitions were covered and texted about. The deeper we were immersed in the topic, the more we discovered the unknown. At some point, it became evident and clear that Ukraine had no themed motorsport merchandise at all which gave us food for thought.

And we started rolling…

As bewildered rookies, we initially started with orders for our pals. Due to that knowledge, we are now able to proudly refer to ourselves as seasoned specialists in our industry and back up our claims with items that are exceptionally well-made.

Our team's dedication and enthusiasm for the creation of a specialized line of street clothing encouraged us to expand our operations and wow our customers with exciting new products.

Our company was founded by young modern-car enthusiasts for whom competition has always been a burning desire.

Our team is a mechanism which gradually generates real urban apparel.
All our works are imbued with a thirst for motorsport.

We know absolutely everything about races, motor sports, cars, championships,etc. Every. Single. Thing. Till the last drop of oil! We stay current with all news and events since they shape the philosophy behind our goods.

The ODF formula is concise and clear:

Bringing out the style potential of our clients + using high-quality materials + being unique without limiting the variety of outfit combinations + self-made team who learned it the hard way + the vibes of Odessa's street racing culture = ODF

One of our top priorities is the availability of the goods.
Challenges are commonplace for us.
We aren't afraid to establish high standards and compete for the loyalty of true connoisseurs of "fresh," contemporary, genuine, and high-quality clothing.

❌no toxicity❌

We do not make our competitors starve. We are starving for profound concepts to be reflected in our stylish, textured creations.

How about quality control?
How about top-notch hardware and hand-assembly from Ukraine?
We additionally want to emphasize that our staff is present and actively participating in every stage of the development and finalization of the product.

Learn more about our goods on this page.

Do not lose us in the networks so as not to miss the most interesting offers and deals!

Huge love,
The ODF Team.

ODF Motorsport
Motorsport design | Livery design | Logo design | Event branding | Motorsport management
Bulletproof Gang
Ukrainian army support brand
ODF Laboratory
Own full-cycle clothing production | Selection and production of fabric | Development of patterns and sewing samples | Tailoring collections "turnkey"
Branch of our brand in the United States of America
ODF World Magazine
Automotive magazine with thematic content
Branch of our brand in Poland
Phone: +38 (097) 233 52 14
Email: odfmarket@gmail.com
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