• Initially, we started with orders for friends and were confused beginners, thanks to whose experience, now we can confidently call ourselves experienced pros in our field and confirm our words with really cool products. The steadfastness of our team members and their interest in developing a niche street wear line motivated us to continue our business at a new level and delight our audience with impressive new products.

    Our brand was created by young modern car enthusiasts for whom competition is a fiery passion through the years. Our team is a mechanism that creates authentic urban clothing step by step. All our works are imbued with a passion for motorsport. We know everything about racing, motorsport, cars, championships. Everything! We follow all the updates and events, because they are the ideological content of our products.

    The ODF formula is concise and clear:

    Revealing the style potential of our customers + use of quality materials + originality that does not interfere with the versatility of outfit combinations + experience of our team on our own skin + vibes of Odesa street race culture = ODF

  • Product availability is one of our key priorities.
    Challenges are commonplace for us.
    We are not afraid to set high standards and fight for the hearts of true connoisseurs of "fresh", modern, authentic and high-quality clothing.

    ❌no toxic❌

    We do not drown competitors. We drown for the meaningful ideas embodied in our stylish textured creations.

    What about quality assurance?
    How about top-quality fittings and handmade Ukrainian assembly?
    We would also like to note that our team is present and involved in the process of each stage of product creation and final sale.

    On this page you can familiarize yourself with our assortment.

    Do not lose us in the networks, so as not to miss the most interesting offers!

    With love
    ODF team